Pre-Treatment Program

Environmental Compliance Program Why Do We Need It? The Clean Water Act limits the levels of pollutants that non-domestic users are allowed to discharge to the sewer system. The General Pretreatment regulations are part of the Clean Water Act and require municipalities to implement Industrial Pretreatment Programs (IPP) in order to ... Read More »

Billing Services

The Genesee County Drain Commissioner, Division of Water & Waste Services sends out invoices for 37 municipalities in Genesee County, which totals over 100,000 bills that are sent out on behalf of the municipalities. Billing services through the Genesee County Drain Commissioner, Division of Water & Waste ... Read More »

Permit Process

The Genesee County Drain Commissioner Division of Water & Waste Services  Permits and Construction Department (GCDC-WWS P&C) Permits Issued: Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (SESC) Permits and/or Waivers (Residential and Commercial). B-Permits (for new utility connections where applicable). ... Read More »